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Specialty Product Loans

Specialty Products


When a borrower is unable to qualify for Agency or Government financing we have a full suite of specialty products to assist their needs.  These loans are privately funded and allow Diamond Residential Mortgage to approve your loan while other lenders say no.   Whether you encountered a credit or housing event in the past, you’re looking for an investment property loan, or you’re seeking an alternative income review due to being self-employed, Diamond Residential Mortgage has a loan solution for you.

  • Recent Housing Event:

    We offer shorter waiting periods after a Short Sale, Deed in Lieu, or Foreclosure.  Click here to review your lending options.

  • Recent Credit Event:

    Many Credit factors can keep you from being approved for a mortgage.  It could be anything from a history of late payments, a lower than requested FICO score, or bankruptcies (chapter 13, chapter 7, chapter 11). If you have been turned down due to a credit event, click here.

  • Self Employed Solutions: Bank Statement Loans and 12 month Full Doc: 

    Self-employed borrowers may have a hard time qualifying for financing based on their tax returns. If you are self-employed and have been turned down or had issues qualifying for a mortgage click here to review our alternative income solutions.


  • Owning investment property can be a great short or long term opportunity.   Owning and purchasing investment properties can be difficult depending on your income situation or how many properties you currently have.  We have many solutions ranging from full income documentation, bank statement documentation, and even a cash flow option to streamline your process.